Land / Home Deal Packages
Land / Home Deal Packages

When you are building a modular home, it is usual for you to find a site and then have the modular home constructed there.

This allows you some freedom as to where you want the site. Sometimes you may already have a site where you want the home constructed. However, there are many companies offering land/home deals. There are certain advantages to this kind of a deal.

The Finance Advantage

The land/home deals consist of a piece of land along with the building. As there is a land involved you can get a conventional home mortgage. This will save you a lot of money than going for chattel loans. The only downside is that this will involve a lot of paperwork. You will have to submit a detailed application for this kind of loan. But the low-interest rates that you get will be well worth all the effort.

The Land / Home Options

There are many modular home dealers who also offer you land/home deals. There are a few options that they offer in this kind of deal. The first option is that they have the land with a new house already constructed on the site. You can purchase them both from them. You may get a better deal from the dealers on such a property. However, this will limit your choice of construction and customization.

The second option is to purchase the site which they already possess and get a home constructed there. This will mean that you don’t have to bother about searching for and buying a site. You can also have whichever type of house you want to have constructed on this site. You can have the kind of floor plan that you want to have. You can also have all the customization done. All these come without the hassles of buying the land and getting all the permits.

The third option is for you to search for a site and identify it. The dealer will buy the site and build the modular home there. This kind of land/home deals offers the maximum freedom for you. In such cases, you can choose the locality you want to stay at. But the dealer will take care of purchasing the land and getting all the permits. This is probably the best deal. But not many modular home dealers will offer such a deal. You may have to search a lot to find one.

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