Common Modular Home Myths Analyzed
Common Modular Home Myths Analyzed

As modular homes are considered a new phenomenon there are myths surrounding them.

once you have planned to buy a modular home in Wyoming, it is better to analyze these and know the truth. As there are different types of home sellers, like modular, mobile, manufactured etc. each will have their own version to say about the modular houses. Let us see some of the myths that need to be opened and analyzed.

 Myth 01: Modular Homes Are Dirt Cheap

Wrong. Modular homes are an expensive investment. Depending on the size and style they cost a good amount of money. However, they are cheaper than the traditional homes anywhere between 10 to 35%, depending on the style and location. If you are offered much lesser than this, you should make sure it is not a mobile home. When you compare the prices, you should compare the same styles in both houses. There can be a good difference in modular homes itself between different styles and the location where it created and assembled. When you buy a modular house in Wyoming, compare the prices of the same style of traditional house with this one.

Myth 02: Modular Houses Are Stronger Than Traditional Homes

It is true that modular homes are built stronger than traditional stick-built houses. But they suffer some initial wear and tear during transport to the site. To ensure that they stay strong modular homes in Wyoming are secured using screws instead of the usual nails. Additionally, glue is also used to ensure their strength. But traditional homes don’t have to be transported over long distances like the modular houses. Even if one cannot prove that they are stronger than traditional homes, they certainly are equally strong.

Myth 03: It Is Difficult To Get Finance For Modular Homes

It is not true. Lenders treat both traditional houses and modular houses on the same level when giving finances. This myth arises from the fact that people still confuse between modular homes and mobile homes. It is with mobile homes that there is a difficulty in getting finances, due to the depreciation factor. In fact, it is even easier to get loans for your modular homes because the construction time is shorter and hence repayment will start earlier. Also, the manufacturers of the modular homes are known to the bankers and have good connections. This makes it easy for you to get finances.

We have busted some myths and we will continue to analyze more.

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